Rare species at a depth of 300 feet at Kure Atoll in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Left: a new species of wrasse (family <em>Suezichthys</em>). Center: unidentified species of sea urchin. Right: Struhsaker’s damselfish (<em>Chromis struhsakeri</em>), never before seen by divers (this species of fish was previously known only from deep trawls and submersible observations). Expedition science leads Christopher Kelley (background) and Daniel Wagner (foreground) monitor an ROV dive in the science control room of the <em>Okeanos Explorer</em>. A diver encounters a school of ulua aukea, or giant trevally. The <i>Hikianalia</i> (left) and <i>Searcher</i> (right) off Nihoa. ʻOpihi, a Hawaiian delicacy and culturally important species, are abundant along the shoreline of Nihoa. The deep water black coral <i>Leiopathes annosa</i> in the waters around Lanikai, Oʻahu. The deep water black coral <i>Leiopathes annosa</i> in the waters around Niʻihau.
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