Posted: March 30, 2021

Marine Debris Mission Underway in the Monument

The team prepares to bring a huge conglomerate net onto a small boat. Divers in the water tie the lines at the bottom of the nets to give everybody on the boat a tight grip. The small boats will be full! Credit: Steven Gnam/NOAA

An inter-agency team, led by Papahānaumokuākea Marine Debris Project, has departed on a 25-day shoreline cleanup mission to Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument onboard the charter vessel M/V Imua. From March 30- April 22, 2021, they will visit six cleanup locations in the monument: Kamole (Laysan Island), Kapou (Lisianski Island), Manawai (Pearl and Hermes Atoll), Kuaihelani (Midway Atoll), and Hōlanikū (Kure Atoll), and Lalo (French Frigate Shoals). The effort will involve the removal of derelict fishing nets and plastics from approximately 200 acres of shoreline habitat. The collaborative field team of 12 includes participants from many of the co-managing agencies of the monument.

ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia | No task is too big when done together by all

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