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Human presence and/or activities could potentially cause unintended harm to the fragile ecosystems of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands even when undertaken with care. The primary goals behind regulating access are to: preserve the fragile marine and terrestrial habitats in their natural state, protect the unique historical and cultural resources of the region, limit degradation of resources, and make it easier to distinguish legitimate activities from illegitimate, or illegal ones.

The permitting process is an integral part of the management of Papahānaumokuākea. Permits allow management agencies to regulate activities and to track where, when and how they are conducted so that cumulative impacts over time can be evaluated and minimized.

Permit Requirements Brochure
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All activities within the Monument require a permit and must be categorized under one of six permit types: research, education, conservation and management, Native Hawaiian practice, special ocean use and recreation (Midway only).

Current Permit Applications Under Review

Monument managers will continue to engage and inform the public of activities proposed to occur in the Monument.

Application summaries and full applications are provided for informational purposes only. Posting of a permit application does not equate to permit approval. Final authorized permit activities may differ from the proposed activities.

A summary of each application will be posted soon after it is received. Summaries provide general information and can be thought of as a snap shot of the full application. Full applications will then be posted once the permit application is deemed "complete" by the Monument Permit Coordinators.

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Additional Opportunities for Public Notification and Input

Monument regulations require that Special Ocean Use applications be posted for public notice and comment 30 days prior to the issuance of a Monument permit.

Appropriate regulatory and environmental reviews (e.g. Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, and Compatibility Determinations) related to Monument permit applications are also posted for public comment.

General Storage and Transport Protocol

MMB Policy on Sustenance Fishing in PMNM

Special Ocean Use

Environmental Assessments

2010 Permitted Activities Report (pdf 7.7mb)

2009 Permitted Activities Report (pdf 15.3mb)

2008 Permitted Activities Report (pdf 11.3mb)

2007 Permitted Activities Report (pdf 1.75mb)

For more information, or assistance, please contact the Monument Permit Coordinator: (808) 397-2660 or

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