There are several ways to access the Monument for specific purposes, such as to conduct cultural practices and research, habitat restoration and scientific work, and to develop educational and media products. See Permitting for application details.

Father and son enjoy a quiet moment in front of the aquarium.
In the event of a maritime emergency, vessel notifications serve as valuable background information to coordinate response efforts in this remote area. Credit: James Watt.

Access for general visitation purposes was previously allowed at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge; however, due to recent reductions in refuge staff and operational capacity, historical and eco-tour access is currently not offered. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife is considering visitation options in the future if operational support becomes available. For more information, visit

For current information about Vessel Monitoring System requirements for permitted vessels, click here.

All vessels entering or exiting the Monument are required to report their entry and exit. Click here for more information.