Posted: April 17, 2018

Wildlife Artist Patrick Ching hosts Papahānaumokuākea Song and Coloring Book Contest

Painting by Patrick Ching
Painting by Patrick Ching

Wildlife Artist Patrick Ching has announced the Papahānaumokuākea Song and Coloring Book Project Song Contest, inviting people of all backgrounds and ages to submit a music video about Papahānaumokuākea. This project aims to promote awareness of the world’s largest marine national monument, starting by helping people pronounce the name Papahānaumokuākea.

The name celebrates the union of Hawaiian dieties Papahānaumoku (Earth Mother) and Wākea (Sky Father) whose union birthed the Hawaiian Islands. The Papahānaumokuākea Song was written by Ching and sung by award-winning artist Kawika Kahiapo, who incorporated English, ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, and Pidgin to produce a tune that’s catchy and easy for even non-Hawaiian speakers to sing along to.

Within the song is a lesson into the history of Papahānaumokuākea, delving into how the islands were formed, their cultural importance, what creatures reside there, why it needs protection, and much more. There is also an extended version of the song that includes the ancient names of the atolls; the lyrics from this longer version will accompany a coloring book written in both English and ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i.

Participants in the contest have access to the artwork, lyrics and melody, and have the option to submit an original music video, remix the version by Ching and Kahiapo, or record a group performance singing about Papahānaumokuākea. Prizes for the winning participants may include the following Ching creations: Papahānaumokuākea bumper sticker, Archival Song Lyric Sheet, HD Digital Color book Art, credit on Website and Facebook Page, inclusion in an upcoming Papahānaumokuākea music album and television show, and more.

As a former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ranger, Ching has a very close relationship to Papahānaumokuākea after spending part of his life traveling among the islands and atolls. His paintings have earned him international recognition, and he has authored award-winning books such as The Hawaiian Monk Seal, The Story of Hina, and Sea Turtles of Hawai‘i.

For more information, please visit: (Submission deadline: May 31, 2018).

Papahānaumokuākea is cooperatively managed to ensure ecological integrity and achieve strong, long-term protection and perpetuation of Northwestern Hawaiian Island ecosystems, Native Hawaiian culture, and heritage resources for current and future generations. Four co-trustees - the Department of Commerce, Department of the Interior, State of Hawai‘i and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs - protect this special place. Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument was inscribed as the first mixed (natural and cultural) UNESCO World Heritage Site in the United States in July 2010. For more information, please visit