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World Class Sand Sculptors Create Living Seascape at Oʻahu's Kahana Bay

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The building of a professional sand sculpture begins with what else: sand.
Lots and lots of sand, which requires an army of volunteers to dig and pile. (Photo: NOAA)

  The sand at Kahana Bay on Oʻahu was described by the sand artists as the best they've every worked with. They do have to keep it wet however, to keep the wind from blowing it away while they work. (Photo: NOAA)

Hand tools provide the means to create intricate and sometimes delicate impressions in the sand. (Photo: NOAA)

  Internationally recognized sand artists Sandis Kondrats, Sue McGrew and Kimmo Frosti work on the nature-culture sculpture at Kahana Bay to celebrate the partnership between Na Kama Kai and Papahānaumokuākea. (Photo: NOAA)

Sand artist Sue McGrew puts finishing touches on Pele, the foundational feature of the sculpture. (Photo: NOAA)

  Pele greets sunrise at Kahana Bay. (Photo: NOAA)

Sand artist Sue McGrew checks her work against the Herb Kane painting of Pele. (Photo: NOAA)

  The sculpture depicted marine creatures found in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, including a Hawaiian green turtle, Hawaiian monk seal, a shark, birds and fishes. (Photo: NOAA)

The green turtle and shark nearing completion. (Photo: NOAA)

  The six sand sculptors donated their time and were led by artist Kirk Rademaker, shown here creating the logo of Na Kama Kai on the creation. (Photo: NOAA)




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