Permittee Reporting Requirements

Monument Permittees are required to submit the following reports upon completion of their permitted activities. For multi-year permits, permittees are required to submit reports each year.

Summary Reporting

Within thirty (30) days after the expiration date of the permit, the permittee must submit a summary report of activities conducted under their respective permit. The report shall be submitted using the Monument permit report template, if applicable.

To obtain a summary reporting template and instructions, please contact the Monument Permit Coordinator at, or your permitting point of contact.

Vessel Reporting

For permitted vessels, the permittee having authority over the vessel must maintain and submit a cruise log within thirty (30) days after the permit expiration date. The log shall include but is not limited to: description of cruise activities, geographic locations of those activities, anchoring locations, and small boat dive locations. The permittee shall also maintain a daily vessel discharge log, which must be submitted with the cruise log.

Annual Reporting

Annual Reports are due by December 31st of each year a permit is in effect or before a new permit is issued, whichever comes first. Subsequent annual reports are required each year until all data collected under research permits are fully analyzed. The comprehensive annual report is a summary of all activities undertaken, including but not limited to: dates of all arrivals and departures from islands and atolls within the Monument, names of all persons involved in permitted activities, details of all specimens collected, handled, etc., any other pertinent information, GPS locations of all samples collected, transects, etc., results of work to date, copy of all data collected, and a proposed schedule of publication or production of final work. The report shall include a concise summary or abstract for use in Monument reports. Special Ocean Use Permittees must also report annually on all revenues derived from activities conducted under each Special Ocean Use permit.

To download the annual reporting template, click here.

Publication, article and product submission

The permittee must submit two copies of any article, publication, or other product created as a result of the information gained or work completed under a Monument permit, including materials generated at any time in the future following expiration of Monument permit.

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