Virtual Visits

Google Street View
Internet users can virtually visit the remote islands and atolls of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument using Google Street View. Visitors can stroll among millions of seabirds and various historic sites on Midway Atoll, or encounter monk seals and green sea turtles basking along the shores of Lisianski and Laysan islands.

To view the incredible imagery, follow these links:
  1. Tern Island (French Frigate Shoals)
  2. East Island (French Frigate Shoals)
  3. Laysan Island
  4. Lisianski Island
  5. Pearl and Hermes Atoll
  6. Midway Atoll

Interactive Map Tour of Papahānaumokuākea
Visit each island within Papahānaumokuākea to learn a bit about its special features and history using our interactive map.

Virtual Historical Tour of Midway Atoll
Take virtual walking tour of Midway's Sand Island to learn historical facts about the island and see pictures of historical features and wildlife. Visit

Kaʻena Point App
Kaʻena Point is a State Park and Natural Area Reserve on the North Shore of Oʻahu that shares similar ecosystem, plant and animal features as those of Papahānaumokuākea. Kaʻena Point is often used as an interpretive site to teach student and other groups about the Monument. The Kaʻena Point Guide mobile app showcases the unique cultural, ecological, and geographic features of the Kaʻena Point while highlighting the similarities between it and Papahānaumokuākea. Download the app (for Android, for iPhone).