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Cultural Feature: Large Stone Bowl

Large stone bowl.
Large stone bowl. Photo Credit: Kekuewa Kikiloi

Stone implements, such as this large collecting bowl, indicate long-term habitation of an area. This implement was found on Nihoa and is now archived at Bishop Museum. The inhabitants of Nihoa likely used this bowl to collect water from dripping cave walls, a precious commodity on dry Nihoa. Archaeologists are masters of finding these implements among other random stones that may appear quite similar to the untrained eye. Cultural implements such as this are protected under the National Historic Preservation Act, and other legislation, in addition to paying proper cultural respect, and should not be removed from an area if found. This item was collected in the early 1900's, and there is significant controversy among local cultures around the world about collection and removal of their cultural implements, some of which are being returned to their proper resting place. Although some removal still occurs, laws and rules regarding this are much more stringent today, though enforcement is woefully inadequate.